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Traffic Tickets

Cincinnati Traffic Ticket Lawyer for Moving Violations – Call Me Before Paying Your Ticket



Many people assume that it’s not worth the time or effort to contest traffic tickets for moving violations. This is not always the case.

Moving violations can increase insurance rates.  Depending upon the severity of the charge, and whether a person has other recent moving violations on their record, a new moving violation can result in the loss of a license, and possibly increased insurance rates.

In Ohio, if you’ve been charged with a moving violation, you will likely have the right to a jury trial.  You have the right to question witnesses, which can include the officer who wrote your ticket.

Prosecutors typically would rather spend their time on more serious cases than speeding cases or other minor moving violations cases.  Police officers sometimes will not appear in court; and if the only evidence against you is their observation, your case may be dismissed if they do not show up. 

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