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OVI and Serious Traffic Offenses


My OVI and Serious Traffic Violation Practice

OVI and serious traffic charges require a vigorous defense.  Cincinnati prosecutors want to convict – it is my job to challenge them at every step of the process to protect client rights.


OVI in Ohio

A conviction for an OVI in Ohio can have serious and long-lasting consequences, which can include loss of license, fines, and jail.  If you have a previous OVI conviction, the consequences can be more severe than if this is your first time.


In addition to criminal penalties, an OVI conviction can have other serious consequences.  You may need to disclose the conviction on future job applications, which can result in being more difficult to get hired. 


You deserve tenacious and determined representation.  I will provide this defense for you.  Together we will seek the best outcome possible given your case.


In all cases I will take my direction from you – my client.  Based upon your direction, I will fight aggressively for a full win at trial, l seek to have a case dismissed if there is not sufficient evidence, or seek to determine whether an acceptable plea bargain may be possible.


Don’t Wait – Call Me Today if You Have Been Charged with an OVI or Serious Vehicle Charge


Cincinnati OVI lawyer and Attorney for Reckless Driving and Other Vehicle Offenses

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