Cincinnati Bankruptcy Lawyer and OVI and Traffic Ticket Attorney Leon Hewitt



Divorce. Job loss. Illness and Medical Crisis. Business Failure.


These are the major causes of debt, not lavis overspending. 


I represent hard-working people who through unfortunate events are no longer able to overcome crushing debt.  If you’re tired of facing debts that you will never be able to repay, and debt and credit card collectors seeking every last penny from you, there is hope.


The good news is that our United States Congress has enacted bankruptcy laws to provide individuals with the ability to get a “fresh start.”  Your first step for seeking relief is to call me so that I can meet with you, learn about your situation, and explain the options that may be best for you, which may include filing for bankruptcy protection. 


I know that you may have many questions – like whether you will be able keep a car or your house – and I can answer these questions once I know your situation. a little more about you.


Call Me Today to Get Started, or Click Here to Get Started With Your Case.



DUI& Serious Traffic Violation Practice


Call Us to Learn How We Can Help.



OVI and other charges are serious. Get eperienced legal help on your side.


In Ohio, OVI, hit-and-run and traffic charges such as reckless driving are serious.  If you’ve been charged with an OVI or serious traffic offense, you need an experienced Cincinnati OVI lawyer or traffic defense attorney who will work tenaciously to defend you and protect your rights – immediately.


The police and prosecutors are not there to help you – their job is to convict.  You have the right to remain silent.  Your best course is to exercise this right and to call our firm so that we can help.


If You’ve Been Charged with an OVI or Other Serious Traffic Violation, Call Us to Learn How We Can Help.


If You've Been Charged with an OVI or Other Serious Traffic Violation, Call Us to Learn How We Can Help.



Overwhelmed by Debt?

If there is one area of our society that everyone can relate to it is financial problems. Many times events occur where it is not the fault of the client and they find themselves in trouble. I seek to help counsel and represent these individuals when bankruptcy is the last resort to save their home or their car. Bankruptcy provides the opportunity for a second chance at a new lease on their lives. It is one area of law where you see satisfied clients. As for OVI/Criminal law I have seen many cases where clients are wrongfully accused and need someone who they believe are in their corner. I strive to help clients get their driver privileges back to minimize disruptions in their lives.


I know that you may have many questions – like whether you will be able keep a car or your house – and I can answer these questions once I know your situation, and a little more about you.


For more information read my article in the Cincinati Herald - "Overwhelmed by debt? Bankruptcy may be an option for you."

Moving Violations and Traffic Tickets


Call Us Before Paying that ticket. 



Tickets can result in fines, increased insurance, and even loss of license.


In addition to our serious traffic violation practice, we also help those charged with lesser traffic offenses, including reckless driving, speeding, and charges that may result in the loss of a license (often because of previous offenses). 


We are adept at working with prosecutors, challenging their theories of a traffic charge, and seeking for our client, when appropriate, to have the charge dismissed or reduced. 


Call Us to Learn How We Can Help with Your Ticket.



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